Adoption Update: Toby

Hi! Toby here. I just wanted to check in and let all the wonderful people at the GTHS know how I am doing since finding my forever home with my new Mom and Dad. I get to go walkies or on runs with Dad twice a day on the beautiful Georgian Trail. He says in one week that means I run 22 kilometres plus walk about 25 kilometres!! I don’t know exactly what that means but I still have lots of energy to do zoomies when I come home and play with some of my toys. Mom and I like to snuggle and she calls me her “snuggle bunny”! I also play catch with her and I am very careful to throw my toy right at her so she doesn’t have to go to far to get it! At night I can cuddle with Mom and Dad in their bed but I usually sleep in my own little bed that is especially for me. They say it is made of “memory foam” but I don’t know about that because it does not make me remember my former life. I feel like I have always lived here with mom and Dad and we love each other very much. Sometimes I feel like such a celebrity because everywhere I go people are fussing over me and calling me “cute”! Especially when I wear my very own jacket that keeps me snuggly warm.

I wanted to thank everyone at the GTHS that took care of me when I was so scared and alone and helped me to start my wonderful new life! Thanksgiving was lots of fun and I hear that Christmas is coming and I may get spoiled, whatever that means! 

Here is a photo of me with my favourite toy, Tigger Tiger.

Doggy kisses, from Toby xo

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