Adoption Update: Stu

We’re sure you all remember this heartbreakingly memorable photo of Stu, when he was brought into GTHS as a stray by a kind samaritan back in February. Stu had an injury like nothing we’d ever seen before.

Through his vet visits, surgery, and post-op recovery, Stu remaining the SWEETEST cat you could ever imagine, with the most loveable purrrsonality. Through all the pain and trauma he surely endured, he always greeted his GTHS human friends with chirps and purrs, leaning into them for more scratches and affection every single time.

It truly was a happy ending for Stu the Survivor though! The day he hit the adoption floor, Stu quickly got scooped up by a wonderful family.
GTHS followed up with his adopters to see how he was making out in his new home and we were just thrilled with the update we received!

“Since Stu has been home, he is settling in quite lovely,” said Mike. “He is a sweet, sweet cat.”
Mike went on to tell us that he and his wife took the time to set up a little stool beside their bed in case Stu felt he might want to join them at any point during the night. Well, it sure didn’t take Stu long to take advantage of that offer! Stu didn’t hesitate to climb into bed with his new mom and dad for a snuggle and well-deserved rest with his loving new family

Way to go Stu! And a BIG thank you once again to everyone who supported and donated towards Stu’s surgery and helped get him the happily ever after he certainly deserved.

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