Adoption Update: Squeek (Nova)

Here is the sweetest update on Squeek who was a shy, nervous cat once but now she has bloomed into a playful, loveable cat.

“For the longest time, I wanted to get a kitten but never had the time to browse for one back in the city. I came up to Collingwood for a little getaway and heard about GTHS through my sister, who also adopted a few years ago. After talking to my sister, I decided to open up my heart and adopt a cat who needed love and a home. When browsing the website, I immediately knew Squeek was the girl for me. At first glance, after booking my adoption appointment, I fell in love with her bright green eyes and her shy personality. She clicked with me right away!

GTHS labeled Squeek as a “spirit cat,” and because of this, I was prepared to have a shy cat who I barely saw throughout the day. This was true for the first evening/night – Squeek was glued to her bed that GTHS allowed us to take with her since she felt safe in it the most. After Squeek got comfortable with me, she blossomed into the most affectionate and playful girl. Her personality is unmatched and so pure, it’s as if she is a whole new cat from when I first met her. As for her bed, she has decided to ditch it (for the time being) and now cuddles in bed under the covers.
After spending multiple days with her I decided the name Squeek wasn’t for her and instead named her Nova.

Since her adoption date, I have encountered many kisses, cuddles, and playful moments. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you for giving me the chance to adopt my new best friend!”


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