Adoption Update: Sophie & Baby

Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: SOPHIE & BABY

SOPHIE and BABY were 2 beautiful, FIV+ sisters that found their purrfect home during our KITTYPALOOZA adoption event this past July. It’s always so wonderful to hear how these special cats are doing with their new families.

We have renamed Baby she is now Bella and we kept Sophie. They are adjusting well, been to the vet twice, once for initial visit and then for booster shots and have gained a little weight.
Of course they will take time to learn to coexist with our dog, so far it has been a relatively slow but good adjustment.

Their personalities are very different between them, Bella is very reserved/cautious in comparison to Sophie. If we didn’t know the ages would have thought Sophie was a kitten, she has no problem investigating and coming over and sitting on your lap for attention.
Bella has not ventured into anyone’s lap she prefers to keep her distance and does not like to be picked up, however comes up for a rub against you, we are just letting her come around at her own speed.

We are so glad we got them as a pair as they keep each other company and are never far from each other. I have attached a picture of the two of them as usual sleeping in the same bed.
Thank you so much!”

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