Adoption Update: Nanu

Beautiful girl, Nanu, arrived at  GTHS in early January after making the long journey down to Collingwood from Northern Ontario.
It didn’t take long for this sweetheart to get scooped up and her new parents are doing a FANTASTIC job with her! Take a look!


Thought we’d send a little update on Nanu!
We have renamed Nanu and call her Chima. We liked Chimo- the Inuit word for friend- but thought the ‘a’ made it a bit more feminine. She now knows her new name.
All in all, things are going well. We are all bonding. She seems like a very special girl.
We think she is feeling more at home all the time.
Her playful nature is blossoming, but she is also very happy to chill and be calm. And all the learning continues. She is getting lots of work on ‘come’ as we know how important that one is. If she thinks you have a treat for her she always comes tearing back- so good.
Chima had a blast at a trainer supervised doggie daycare session recently and made some good dog and people friends. We plan to let Chima have a half day a week at doggie daycare as we want to keep up her dog social skills. Our obedience course begins with her the end of February.
We discovered today that Chima does not like the vacuum cleaner – heck -neither do I. But we will work on that as all that barking isn’t good for anyone.
The crate training is going very well. Chima now happily goes into her crate and settles with her Kong of frozen peanut butter. The longest we have left her so far is 2 hours, and found her sound asleep when we got home. All good. We will slowly increase our away time. Eventually we hope to leave her free in the house, but for now the crate gives all of us peace of mind.
So- again thanks to all of you for all the work you do for these animals in need.
More updates to follow.
Again, thank you for all that you do.

Chima’s new parents”

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