Adoption Update: Masala

It probably comes as no surprise that our GTHS kittens get adopted VERY quickly because they’re so playful and snuggly! But, sometimes we get shy, undersocialized babies here who need a very special home…
MASALA was one of those babies and it sure sounds like she found her purrrfect family!

We are LOVING our new addition. Masala has been renamed “Lacey” and she is already a precious part of our family.
As you may remember, Lacey was a noted as a VERY shy kitten. She is still adjusting to her new home, but she is miles ahead of where she was.
Lacey is super playful, snuggles at night and purrs like a snowmobile! She is still a very good hider, especially when our 30lb dog comes around. Belle (our dog) is very curious and really wants to be friends with Lacey but Lacey is non-committal at this point. Nevertheless, we anticipate that they will be good buddies before summer!
Anyway, all is well with the kitty formerly known as Masala. She is loved and is loving back.
Masala’s new family”


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