Adoption Update: Mandi

Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: MANDY!

MANDY was a lovely, older adult that came to the GTHS earlier this summer. MANDY was with us for about a month before her future family came along and chose to take her home!
We recently received an amazing update (and LOTS of photos!) and it certainly sounds like MANDY has found her happily ever after!!

Here are a few pics of MANDY in her new home. She has fit in so well! She is not a lap cat…but we have our special routine. I Pick her up and we walk around and cuddle that way. I’ll sing to her, while she kisses every inch of my face, neck and shoulders…lol. Whenever she wants more, she stands in my way, gets up on her back legs and paws at my legs… she’s telling me she wants up for, “Our Cuddle Time”…..which is often!!
She is so PERFECT…..
I’m so grateful that she has joined our family….she has 2 other older siblings…a kitty sister at 15 years old and a kitty brother at 11 years old…MANDY is now the baby of the house!
Thank you again!!!!”

p.s notice what the pillow behind MANDY says?! how purrrfect!

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