Adoption Update: Luna


After Luna was adopted from the GTHS in late 2021, her new family opened their hearts to her and gave her a home she will have forever. Here is a wonderful update, from Luna herself:

It has been just over a year since my human mom and dad adopted me from the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. When I met my dad for the first time, I wasn’t completely sure about him at first. It’s good it didn’t take me too long to warm up to him!

I know my parents are trying to teach me all kind of new things, and my dad and I even went to special classes together where there are other dogs. I would get lots of yummy treats when I did certain things. Although I know what my parents want me to do most of the time. I pretend not to understand sometimes – I can’t resist the treats, especially liver treats and sweet potato treats!

My dad and I have a pretty regular routine. We wake up, he has his coffee and reads his newspaper, and then he takes me to the dog park, which is just up the street. At the dog park, I play with Echo, Obi, Lucy, Charlie, Bondie, another Luna, and Ricchi, who happens to live close to me. I also go for long walks along the lake in the afternoon and a shorter walk around my neighbourhood after dinner with both my human parents most of the time. My parents then want to settle in for the night after this walk, but I keep them busy just a little longer until I am ready to rest with them.

I love going to our cottage on Georgian Bay. I have a pretty big yard with sand near the water. My family is often with me at the beach. I have two older brothers and an older sister. Between them they have six children who are older than me. I am the baby of the family. But not for long! I will catch up!

Oh, one final thing I want to share with my doggy sisters, Lily, Sallie, Elli and brother, Bobby, who I hope also found wonderful parents. My dad had a DNA test done for me! It shows that I am a mix of Basenji, German Shepard and Border Collie! My parents were surprised that I had Basenji in me. Basenjis are known to be a little stubborn. Maybe that is where I get my stubbornness!

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