Adoption Update: Lucky Lucy

Here’s a happy tail from GTHS alumni: LUCKY LUCY

This update is an extra special one for us. LUCKY LUCY was both a long-term resident at GTHS and was placed in our Overlooked Pet Program because we were just not having any luck finding her a home. LUCY was living with us at the shelter for over 3 months with very little interest from potential adopters, despite everything we tried. Then, one amazing day in May, the person LUCKY LUCY had been waiting for walked in our doors.
It has now been almost a month since LUCY has been gone and we are SO excited to share the following update with you:

“Just a quick update on Lou since she has settled in a bit more. She took a bit to get used to everything but now she is running her heart out in the fields, going on hikes with me like a champion, and once she gets better with recall we are signing up for a dock diving class! I am amazed on how quickly she got adjusted to everything but honestly the most surprising thing about her is how smart she is. Her brain is incredible and she picks up on things so quickly; I love playing little puzzle games with her or watching her figure out commands. After watching her older dog-brother do a ‘wait’ for a treat that was thrown on the ground and only get it after the ‘okay’ I tried the same with Lou and she got the hang of it within 10 minutes! Now she is becoming the ‘wait’ queen. She no longer chases the cat in the house they are slowly becoming pals. Lou seems to be enjoying her new life and family, and I’ve included a photo of her having a very non ladylike nap beside me after a long day of hiking, playing with her brothers, and some mental training. She is such a wonderful fit and I am so grateful for your team for looking after this little lady until she found her way to our hearts.
With lots of love,
Lou’s new mom”

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