Adoption Update: Ivy


What greater gift than the love of a cat.” 

That quote from Charles Dickens rings true with this adoption update. For Karen and her family, they decided it was time to add another cat to their household. They came to the GTHS to meet the cats and kittens who were looking for a forever home. What they didn’t realize was how quickly the kitten they picked was going to adapt to her new home and the palatable joy she brings to everyone around her.

This is a Happy Tails update on sweet Ivy from her human mom, Karen. 

“Ivy has been settling in nicely. We slowly introduced her to her older brother Clem over the first week. She is now following him around like a little shadow all over the house which he generally has been tolerating well. When we first brought her home, poor Ivy had a virus to start and was a little down and out but she has bounced back and is thriving, running around everywhere and catching up on any lost meals that she had! She has been an absolute joy to have and is a constant companion on work-from-home days for my husband and my days off as well. She is very active, loves to play with pretty much anything that she can chase or bat around and then completely snuggles down on whoever has an available lap for a nap when she finally tires. We all love her and we are all glad she is home with all of us.

We appreciate so much what the GTHS does in its support of so many animals in need of a good home! Thank you, GTHS!”


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