Adoption Update: Hope

A pet can not only become a vital member of your family, but that pet could also help you in your everyday life. When Hope’s owner adopted her from the GTHS, she wasn’t expecting how much of a positive impact this sweet cat would have on her life. This was a perfect match, and this cat has given her owner hope for the future.

Here is an update on Hope in her forever home.

“Hope is doing great, and she has settled in quite well! My grandmother would argue she has settled in too well due to the state of her two plants, but nobody can prove she had anything to do with it, so she sounds pretty innocent to me. She and I have built a mutual understanding – I truly see the bond between us getting stronger every single day! She is very loyal to me, will only come when I call her and will always follow me during every bathroom trip. Hope is such a sweet, quiet, but mischievous little girl. She loves to climb, play with her stuffed lamb, and learn new tricks.

I never pictured myself as a cat person until recently. Now, Hope has truly made my life better and has made my life more fulfilling than I ever could have expected. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and ADHD, she pushes me to not only keep a schedule for her daily routine but also for myself. She is a very good girl, and I remind myself how lucky I am to have clicked so well with this amazing animal.

Thank you to the GTHS for keeping her safe until she arrived at her forever home with me.”

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