Adoption Update: Hanna

Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: HANNA!
Beautiful HANNA very quickly became a favourite here at GTHS, as her happy face and wonderful personality were hard not to fall in love with! So, we were absolutely thrilled to hear that her new family loves her just as much as we do!!
Hanna is doing great. Shes very smart. We have discovered she knows how to get into the cupboard and eat the Honey Nut Cheerios. 😂🤣 We have child proofed the cupboard now.
Xena and her get along great, they’re best friends already.
We did rename her and now call her Thora! (Princess Thora – daughter of the thunder god Thor) she did a 6km run with me last Friday. We’ve also been working on preventing her to jump up, and her do proper sitting and recall. She’s got a lot to learn but shes eager to learn. She sleeps on the bed with us. (Full bed 2 people 2 dogs)
So far so good 🐕🐾We are loving the addition to our family”

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