Adoption Update: Frankie & Freddie

FRANKIE and FREDDIE were 2 adorable little puppies who came to GTHS from way up North. Although we typically just choose one great adoption to share each week, we had both of these wonderful updates sent to us and couldn’t choose just one! so enjoy!!

I very much appreciate your interest in Freddie. Actually we renamed him Murphy, which suits him very well.
Murphy is thriving. Boy, did we ever luck out. He is a lovely, happy, smart little dog. He was immediately accepted by our other two dogs, Danny and Max. While Danny is elderly and doesn’t mind Murphy, Max is unbelievably patient with him , he seeks him out to play with him, and he has become quite protective if him. When we are outside, Max comes to check on him regularly…Max is a farm dog who has free run and Murphy is still on his long line outside, though he chooses to be either on my lap or at my feet almost all the time.
As I am a stay at home Mom, Murphy stays in the house with me and goes out when I do. He is quiet and sweet. He sleeps happily in his crate st night with the other dogs in the room with him.
Murphy and Max travel with us about 4-5 evenings a week to my son’s baseball games and practices. Of course they are both inundated with attention.
He is doing his business when he goes out, but he does not yet ask to go out..I have yo watch him very carefully for signs he needs to go, and so far it is just a very brief moment that he acts a little anxious and looks up at the door for a couple of seconds. Still, he has not had an accident in the house in about 2 weeks.
Rest assured, Murphy is very much loved and he has a great home.
Thank you for all the care you have given him!”

“Good Morning GTHS!
Frankie, now Timber, has settled into our home splendidly. House training is pretty darn solid already considering he’s a three month old puppy. Barks at the door to be let out and doesn’t have accidents as long as we pay attention and let him out when he asks.
Timber and his big brother Harley are now best buds, constantly playing, napping together etc.
We’re working on basic obedience with him, and trying to expose him to as many new situations as possible while he’s still young and impressionable. Discussing the idea of hiring a professional trainer to do some sessions with our dogs, not that there’s any problems, just that it would be great to have exceptional K9 citizens rather than just ordinary pet dogs :).
Thanks for following up!”

These boys sure won the jackpot with their new families!!! (and how cute are they both with their new big brothers!! awwwwe)

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