Adoption Update: Eeny

Tiny adult kitty EENY was one of our beautiful and affectionate FIV+ cats here at the shelter! This lovely lady actually arrived with some babies in her belly. So, she had a bit of a long stay with us while we rocked mom duty!
All 3 of her little ones found amazing homes, it only took a couple weeks after hitting the adoption floor for EENY to find a purrrfect family of her own too!
Have a read:

Eeny is doing very well! We brought her home and it was like she had lived with us her whole life.
She is so full of energy and love, it is amazing. I am so happy that she chose us to be her family because we are over the moon in love with her already! I will attach a few pictures of her new life and how she is settling in. We have renamed her Smudge Minerva Bellatrix even our cats get middle names lol
Thank you for all that you do for all of the puppies and kitties who deserve a second chance at life. 💜
Smudge’s new family”

Way to go EENY! We love hearing this FIV+ kitty success stories!!!

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