Adoption Update: Dean

Sometimes the right animal comes into the lives of people at the right time. That’s what happened to a lovely dog named Dean…

“Dean has been the perfect addition to our family. He has meshed in flawlessly with our lifestyle. We have had him out in the canoe, for bike rides, camping, and he has had an absolute blast and is so well behaved. He isn’t quite a swimmer yet, but he loves to wade chest deep in the water. Dean has made friends with many dogs and has been fantastic with all of them, he even likes the chickens at my parents’ house. When he meets new people he is not shy in the slightest bit and is instantly lovable. He thinks he is a lap dog and loves to snuggle.

Dean has also been great with our other dog Oliver. Oliver is 8-years-old and went blind just over a year ago. Since then, he became lazier, more hesitant, and didn’t enjoy walks as much. Getting Dean, Oliver seems to be way more confident on walks and is keeping up to Dean. It’s wonderful to see the difference!

Only issue we have come across is he seems to have separation anxiety. We have been working on in with him, and there has been progress. We decided to crate train him and instantly took a liking to the crate so he must have been used to spending time in there at his prior home.

We are beyond grateful to have Dean in our lives!

Thank you all for the wonderful adoption experience!”

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