Adoption Update: Clifford

When Clifford was waiting for a family to adopt him from the GTHS, he was a shy cat. In his new home, he has allowed his personality to blossom, and he is now the sweetest cat who is gets to grow with another fur friend and a human baby brother!

“We were told Clifford was a “spirit cat” and he may struggle with human interaction for a while. Not only did he not take to us almost immediately, but he is also truly the most affectionate kitty we have ever met! We have a 3-year-old male Himalayan cat, Leo (our fur baby) and a 5-month-old son, Oscar (our human baby!). Clifford joined these two so effortlessly. Leo and Clifford do everything together, including sitting together on the cat tree, eating side-by-side, and running around the house with the zoomies! Leo is a kitten again – all thanks to Clifford. Clifford has also really taken to Oscar and will come and snuggle with him every chance he can. The most fun part: they are born 10 days apart! We are so happy they get to grow up together.

Clifford is so loved and has been the perfect addition to our family. He really fits into, and improves, all of our lives. We are so, so happy that we can be his forever home. He really is living his best life! Thank you so much for facilitating the adoption, we already can’t imagine life without our little dude.

Thank you for connecting us!”

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