Adoption Update: Chicken

Beautiful, 13 year old senior kitty Chicken was a bit of a favourite here at the GTHS! This silly senior girl had a month long stay with us before finding herself an absolutely WONDERFUL new mom!!! Take a peek!

“Hi GTHS!!
Chicken’ is amazing!! If she could speak I know she’d say that she has an amazing home and family too. We love her so much and she loves us.

She is now eating/drinking and using her litter box on another floor. This was recommended to us and it’s really worked out. She is still on her weight reduced diet. Its slow going, but it is going. She has only lost .2 lbs. but we are committed. Has her favorite toys but likes it best and is a little more motivated when when we get down and play with her. She loves to be in the center of the house. Possibly not wanting to miss a thing, or a meal!!! Her food is stored in a closet and she parks herself in front of the door regularly. Hoping I’m sure to score an extra dinner. She makes us laugh all the time except of course when she starts her 5:30 am (everyone up because I’m starving) chorus… Like clockwork, never fails. Truthfully, cracks us up every single time. She has loads of special sleeping spots, our bed would be right at the top of the list but loves to lay where the sun streams in through the window.

She’s had a couple of visits to her new WONDERFUL vet in Wasaga Beach. Her wellness check very thorough and they will be monitoring her regularly. She is so loving and has the sweetest disposition. She’s never shy or nervous and loves to come and meet everyone who comes into the house. It’s hard to leave her when we have to go out in the day and we can’t wait to get back home to her in the afternoon. Thankfully she’s not nearly as affected by our absence…

Chicken has been the sweetest blessing. We want to thank you, staff and volunteers of your entire organization, for your dedication to all animals because if it hadn’t been for you we wouldn’t have our Chicken.
Please send our thoughts and thanks to Ayrlea and Karen. They were both so kind to us. I tell as many people as I can about our wonderful experience at the GTHS. You changed Chickens future and chicken changed ours!!

Chicken’s new mom”

Way to go Chicken girl!!!!

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