Adoption Update: Canela

CANELA actually has quite the story. This lovely older girl was found hiding the garage of a GTHS staff member, with a terrible wound of her face. Poor thing.
She came to us back in July and although very sweet, she kept to herself and often didn’t get noticed in our Main Room. Finally, we decided to take CANELA to Owen Sound with us one weekend for an adoption event and it was there, through PetSmart, that CANELA found her purrrfect home! It was a long, 3 month wait, but it was worth it because now CANELA is living the good life!!

Things are going very well with Canela and I!
I have changed her name to Ella, as I kept calling her Canola haha
I am still kinda waiting on her to adopt me but we are getting there, I was told she never played with toys but she LOVES balls and I find them all over my apartment.
She wakes me up every morning waiting for her soft food, and she runs to the door to say hi when I come home!”

Way to go CANELA!!

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