Adoption Update: Buddy

Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: BUDDY

Handsome BUDDY came to the GTHS way back in January. This poor guy had been living outside on his own and came in with scabs, missing fur, a broken tooth and an ulcer on his eye. After receiving some TLC here at the shelter, he saw his mom-to-be wander in one day and wouldn’t let her leave without him! We recently received this heart-warming update and had to share!

I wanted to send this adorable photo to you!
Buddy – now Benji – has put on some much needed pounds (maybe a couple too many, we’re working on a balanced diet) and he has become the most needy street cat I’ve ever encountered! He has learned how to pet himself with his own paws, how to meow for attention when he isn’t getting his fix, and how to ignore his little sis when he has had enough play time.
His eye is completely clear; he shows no sign of ever having issues with it!
Huge thanks to you and your team. Your patience, perseverance , and will for these fur babies does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you x1,000,000!
Benji’s mom & Benji the cuddle puddle!”

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