Adoption Update: Buddy

Update on Buddy!

Do you recognize this handsome guy from July’s Bark & Purr? We hope so because we’ve got a fantastic Happy Tail update to share with you all:

Buddy was one of our more recent pups from the Year of the Northern Dog rescue efforts! This adorable 8 month old boy traveled all the way from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut where he was rescued after a kind person noticed his broken leg and wanted to help.

Well Buddy has since found a family that loves him dearly and he is recovering from surgery in his wonderful new home. We’re so excited to share this post-adoption update with everyone!

““Sokkie” formerly known as Buddy, is doing very well. He is such a lovely dog and we are so enjoying him! He gets 2 long and 1 shorter walks a day on the retractable leash in our fields and bush. Plus several other little walkabouts as needed. He’s been steadily gaining weight since bringing him home, which is good to see. It’s so great that he is crate trained…really helps with his ‘cage rest’ while he heals. I can leave him in it when I go to work, then I come home at lunch for a walk and then he goes back in for the afternoon – never more than 4 – 5 hours. I only work 3 days a week so the other days he is with me or my husband, inside and out. All is OK with the cats so far. No doubt he will chase the younger one sometimes once he can run free but our kitty can stand up for himself or run up a tree. Sokkie sleeps quietly in the crate all night and only had 1 “accident” the first day we had him.

All in all we are thrilled with him. He is gentle and sweet, likes people and other dogs. Really look forward to seeing him run like the wind off the leash when he is all better. In the meantime we’re doing some training and he learns quickly. He chases butterflies and frogs and grasshoppers on our walks.

He must have had some loving and good care along his journey – he is so good-natured! Thanks for getting in touch”
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