Adoption Update: Bruce

Sweet BRUCE was one of our Overlooked Pets and we could not figure out why no one wanted to adopt this amazingly loving boy. Turns out he was just waiting for the purrrrfect people to come along and now has an amazing life with his new family!

“Bruce is the most loving cat I’ve ever met. His first night home he curled up in bed and slept with us. I can’t believe how gentle and loving he is. And hilarious! He loves drinking from the facet, but also washes his paws and sticks his head in the water. Funny boy!!! He purrs and rubs up against us all the time. Thanks for taking such great care of him while he was at GTHS!! We all just adore him! He’s been such a great addition to our family. We are so glad we decided to adopt and not buy a kitten!

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