Adoption Update: Bourbon

Beautiful BOURBON was one of our lovely senior kitties and like a lot of our older animals, she had quite a long stay at the shelter. After just over 3 months, it was finally BOURBON’s turn!!
Reading this fantastic update just lets us know that she had been waiting all that time for her purrrfect family to come and choose her!

Bourbon is doing well. She has a new name… Cinders (for Cinderella and cause she’s Grey lol). Most of the day she’s either sleeping on a big comfy chair or sleeping on our bed. She always let’s us know when it’s time to eat. She seems to be comfortable with us, but still a little unsure of our cat and dog. Just keeps her distance, but getting better every day. She has also decided that our bed was where she’d be spending each night, cuddled right up to us. We are seeing her come out of her shell more and more each day.
Thank you for checking in!”

Way to go BOURBON! Enjoy that comfy chair and cozy bed…you deserve it!

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