Adoption Update: Bianca

Beautiful BIANCA arrived at the GTHS back in August after she was discovered hiding out in a service garage with her 3 tiny babies!
Her kittens were absolutely adorable and found homes in no time, but our shy momma had a bit of a longer stay. Although gorgeous, BIANCA was quite reserved and spent most of her time in our Main Adoption Room hiding up high where no one could see her.
After more than 4 months here at GTHS, the beautiful BIANCA finally found the purrrfect quiet and loving home she needed. Have a read!

Bianca seems to be adapting to my apartment well enough after her initial shock of moving in.
She likes and gets up for pets, belly rubs, and has started playing with some toys and rolled up paper.
Noise bothers her, so I keep it quiet and speak quietly to her. Cat music on youtube puts her at ease and right to sleep. She likes jazz over classical haha
She does not like being picked up yet, and really has not been exploring a lot here…won’t get up on the window sills when I’m around, but will when I’m asleep or not here haha
Bianca has started talking back to me, as I talk softly to her all of the time: just little meows, unless she thinks a tiny piece of smoked chicken is involved; then she can get quite vocal haha
I think she’s keeping her name, it seems to suit her!
Thanks for everything,
Bianca’s new dad”

Way to go BIANCA!!

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