Adoption Update: Beau & Casey

Here’s a SaturYAY Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: BEAU & CASEY!

About a month ago, beautiful mom CASEY and her 7 adorable puppies made the long trip from Northern Manitoba to GTHS to find loving homes. As it turns out, CASEY and one of her pups, BEAU, were adopted by relatives, so these two get to see each other all the time! How wonderful is that?! The following is a truly great update that we are excited to share with you:

“Hi GTHS! Hope you’re doing well. Both Casey and Beau are doing great!
They see each other fairly often and love playtime. Beau is getting bigger faster than I could’ve imagined and has already learnt how to sit, lay down and go to bed. He sleeps through the night and is very good about using his pee pads or letting us know he has to go out.
Casey officially had her first bath and loved it. She has a little swimming pool in the backyard and she likes to play in that and roll and in the dirt.
Casey definitely knows Beau is one of hers, whenever she sees him she tries to clean him and pick him up! What a good mom!
Both dogs are doing great and we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to adopt both Casey and Beau! We couldn’t be happier!!”

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