Adoption Update: Avery

Here’s a SaturYAY Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: AVERY

We thought in honour of our BLACK IS BACK promotion, we should share a wonderful update on one of our beautiful black cats!
We think this update on AVERY is extra special as he was an extremely shy (but very sweet) boy while in our care. It certainly took a special someone to give him the home he needed and it sounds like he’s doing better than we ever could have hoped!!

Thanks for reaching out! Avery is settled in and doing great.
Took him far less time than we thought to adjust. He spent the first few days in hiding but slowly started to come out explore. After only about 5 days he completely came out of his shell and has become a very confident little boy. Playing with his toys, eating well and jumping up on our laps.
He loves scratches and purrs very loud. He’s also become very chatty, he will walk up to me and start talking. He’s also very smart, learning the boundaries in our house quickly and not causing any trouble at all.
He’s traveled quite a bit in his short time with us and has adjusted well to that too. Collingwood to Toronto, Toronto to Oakville, Toronto to Windsor for Christmas. Met all the family dogs and though he wasn’t sure about them it didn’t stop him from exploring around them. Only complains for the first 15 minutes in the car then settles in for a nap. We don’t travel too often but it’s nice to know that we’ve got him adjusted to it at a young age.
All in all he’s very happy in his new home! Thank you for seeing a good home in us. We’re very happy!!”

This great update goes to show how much our shy cats need homes too and how much they can blossom when given a chance! I mean, how comfy does AVERY look?!

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