Adoption Update: Arnold

We’ve got a truly lovely update to share with you!
Our Overlooked Pet, Arnold, was just the sweetest boy, but a little more reserved than a lot of our more social and outgoing cats in the Main Adoption Room. Much like a lot of our shy cats, he wasn’t getting noticed by adopters. Weeks turned into months while Arnold hung out in our Main Adoption Room, waiting for the right family to come choose him. He eventually hit his “3 month mark” which means he had been here 3 times the average length of stay of our shelter kitties, so Arnold got moved into what we call our Overlooked Pets category.
After a few days with his new title of “overlooked,” we saw a familiar adopter come through our doors.
This wonderful woman had adopted another kitty, named Gloria, from us back in January. If you can believe it, Gloria had been with the GTHS for almost a year!!! We were absolutely thrilled when Gloria’s mom came in and told us she was on a mission to adopt Arnold! Determined not to have Arnold’s stay get any longer here at the shelter, she went into the adoption room to meet him and totally fell in love. The rest, as they say, is history and Arnold was off to start his life with his new family and his GTHS alumni sister, Gloria!

Days later, Gloria and Arnolds mom was back in the shelter to tell us how wonderfully they were both doing and showed off some adorable videos of a very happy Arnold, rolling around on the floor, playing with toys and very obviously loving his new life!!

Here’s an adorable little note we received from their adopter:

“So we got Gloria in January and had been looking for a friend for her for the last few weeks. When Arnold came up as the Overlooked Pet we thought he is perfect. Both had longer than average stays at the GTHS. When we came to see Arnold he was in the same basket on the same stand that Gloria was on when we got her so knew it was meant to be.

So it took Gloria a little longer to settle into her new home while Arnold was right at home in less than 30 minutes. They have both been spoiled with toys and 6 foot tall cat tree. Arnold is a little dramatic and favourite game is sprawling on the couch and sliding off to the floor like a slinky. Gloria loves her toys and has a favourite that she brings to bed with her every night (a little stuffy with big eyes). They are slowly warming up to each other and spend the evenings playing.
Thank you for all your organization does to help pets find there new homes. I know the 2 kitties are enjoying theirs”

We are so happy for Arnold and so thankful to his new parents for opening their home to another one of our overlooked long-term kitties.

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