Adoption Update: Archie


Hi Everyone,

I am Archie, one of the lucky cats who found a home with a caring human. I was once malnourished and very shy when I was found at a camp and brought to your shelter. I was unsure if anyone would ever want me, but fate had other plans for me.

One day, a young kid visited the shelter and had his heart set on taking home one of my friends there with only one eye. But I knew I wanted to go home with this kid, and I made sure he knew it. I was persistent and showed him that I was the perfect companion for him.

Fortunately, the kid saw something special in me and decided to let me adopt him. Since then, my life has been filled with love, fun and lots of toys. My human showers me with attention. I have a cozy cat tree to climb, balls to chase, and pretend mice to play with. But my favorite activities are playing with a simple toilet paper roll and hide and seek. My kid has a big sister and she has her own cat. She is a little old and won’t play with me much but sometimes just sometimes she will let me come cuddle her. I think she thinks I am an annoying kitty but I just want to have fun all the time. Thinking of my kid’s big sister, when my kid goes away I stay with her at my house and she picks me up and smooshes my face with kisses. I just roll my eyes and let her do it because I know I will get more treats. Also when my kid comes back I pretend like I am sulking and he will give me extra cuddles and more treats again.

I have developed a routine with my human, and I must say I take my meal times very seriously. If the kid oversleeps and forgets to feed me at 6am, I have my ways of reminding him I start by cuddling him, then sitting on his head, giving him nose kisses and if he still doesn’t wake up, I have to nibble on his toes. I may have been a small cat but I am not anymore and have a big appetite and I make sure my human knows it.

I am grateful for the love and care that my human provides me with every single day. I am living my best life with my kid, and I am forever grateful for being given a chance at happiness. I may have started out malnourished, dirty and shy, but now I am Archie, a playful and loving cat who has found his forever home. Thank you to all the humans along the way.

Happy Tails Archie! We are so excited to hear about life with your new family!

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