Adoption fee reduced to keep bonded sisters together

Sue and Jasmine

By Judy B, GTHS Cat Care Volunteer

Normally cats don’t get overly attached to their litter mates. Since they usually get separated, it’s probably an instinctive thing. We see it all the time in the shelter with kittens and cats. In a matter of days they’re sleeping independently and making new friends in our big main room. 11951218_960055087350416_2118528421271677870_n

Things were different with Sue and Jasmine, beautiful two year old tabbies who came to the GTHS in June. These sweet girls were inseparable, to the point where they couldn’t adapt to our open concept space. They were shy and gentle with people but fought the other cats. We finally had to place them in their own large condo in a corner of the room, something we do as a last resort when we’re concerned for the health and safety of an animal. Our staff and volunteers worked with ‘the girls’ over the following weeks, letting them out to be with the other cats for short periods and fussing over them to let them know they were safe with us.

Today Sue and Jasmine are out in the main room and doing well but it would be best if they were the only cats in their new home. They’re still inseparable. If you spot a pretty grey and orange tabby chances are there will be an equally pretty dark gold and orange tab cuddled next to her. Sue and Jasmine have always been loving and gentle with people and have no problems with kids or dogs. They just want to be together in a forever home.
We hope their story encourages you to consider adopting Sue and Jasmine. They’re so special that we have reduced the fee to $95 for both of them, half the normal cost. Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or looking for your first kitties, we hope you come in to visit Sue and Jasmine.

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