Adopted Cat Makes Transformative Impact For Family

Pets are universally embraced as an essential element to human wellness. The story of Minoche, confirms just that.

When Minouche was adopted from the GTHS by Hania and Michael in 2017, they decided to change her name from Bizzy. In French, Minouche is an endearing term meaning “little”. After taking one look at this small, stubby cat, Hania and Michael agreed that the name Minouche fit her perfectly. The couple imagined she was originally named “Bizzy” as she is as busy as a bee! She is “nosy and always wants to be where the action is”.

From the moment she walked into her new home, Minouche took over; she roamed the house like she owned the place and adapted to her new surroundings immediately. Hania and Michael were thankful for Minouche’s bold confidence as they had a very important job for her to do. This sweet, beautiful kitty was adopted to keep Michael company.

At 84 years old, Michael had undergone 5 bypass surgeries. After his surgeries, Michael began to experience gradual dementia symptoms, which often lead to feelings of isolation and fear of being home alone for even the shortest periods of time. After Minouche came along, everyone could see the joy that this cat brought to Michael. Every morning, Michael had a personal support worker tend to his needs and every morning, without fail, Minouche would sit on Michael’s lap throughout these sessions. “He would often stroke Minouche and say ‘I love you’”. This short, stumpy cat “gave Michael something to feel joy for; she did so much for him”.  Eventually, Michael was put on bed rest. Minouche would often sleep at the foot of his in-home hospital bed and keep him company. It gave Michael comfort knowing that his beloved cat was there.

Minouche’s supportive role did not end with Michael. Hania was very thankful to have Minouche join the family; she gave Hania the freedom to leave the house to run errands or visit with friends as Michael always felt safe and happy at home with Minouche by his side. She also now provides Hania with companionship since Michael’s passing. “During COVID-19 [the lockdown], she’s been a godsend”. Having a kitty with such an easy-going personality means Hania can drop Minoche off at a friend’s place to be looked after when she travels. Minouche loves Hania’s friends and is very happy to spend time with them. She simply adores people and relishes in human attention.

We would like to thank Hania for sharing Minouche’s story. It highlights just how beautiful and meaningful the human-animal bond can be.

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