Adopted Animals: October 3rd to October 9th

Adopted Animals: October 3rd to october 9th

We started October with a whirlwind of adoptions. The past 7 days, we were able to send home 4 dogs and 29 cats!

Dogs Adopted: Atlas, Otie, Leia, Sally

Cats Adopted: Montana, Legend, Latifah, Willow, Calhoun, Sally, Salem, Natasha, Winona, Levi, latina, Loretta, Layton, Logan, Nora, Sweetpea, Wanda, Cayenne, Totem, Carson, Drake, Didi, France, Merlin, Sebastian, Scarlette, Big Ben, Salvador, Harley

Click HERE to view all available Cats for Adoption!

Click HERE to view all available Dogs for Adoption!

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