Abigail – The Miracle Kitten of 2017

written by Nicky G., Volunteer for GTHS & Feral Cat Rescue

A lady named Pauline contacted me she had a colony of 20-plus feral and semi feral cats living out of her garage and an open face small type cover all in the back. I trapped 16 of her cats and got them driven to Barrie and back for PetSmart funded free spay neutering for Ferals. Pauline loved her colony and she handled them as kittens quite a bit in her garage. Six weeks ago her son contacted me and said she had passed away from cancer he was calling to ask me to trap and remove the colony so they could sell the house.

There was a litter of about five fluffy orange and orange and white six to eight month olds that were offspring of the few cats we did not catch two summers ago. Abigail is the fourth one I have caught. Three days before I caught her I noticed the Colony had abandoned the site and moved to a barn neighboring the property leaving her behind. When I seen her on the railing I tried to approach her and she was so weak she fell off the railing and landed on her side. Since it was minus 15 all weekend I grabbed my trap and net after the shelter shift on Saturday and went back to the property to try to get her.

Once I pulled in the driveway I seen her sleeping in a tiny square of grass that the Sun was shining on trying to stay warm. Since she didn’t seem to notice I was there I grabbed my net snuck up on her and netted her. It wasn’t until I got her home that I realized how friendly and thankful she was to be somewhere warm. However I knew she was in trouble and needed fluids and antibiotics right away so I brought her in to my next day shift to the Georgian triangle Humane Society. I knew Pauline and I knew she would do anything for her cats and because of that I’m going to see I do her love Justice by seeing them all trapped and moved to better places.

Abigail is being well taken care of by GTHS Volunteers to get her to a happy, healthy state where she will potentially be available for adoption! Stay tuned to our Cats for Adoption page to see when she becomes available!



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