A Time for Gratitude

These past few weeks for so many of us have been a whirlwind – we are most definitely in uncharted territory. Our world has changed and evolved at a mindboggling pace and as the dust is settling on our ‘new world’ I find myself feeling grateful for the small things.
To begin, we’ve started by taking things one day at a time. Without the ability to plan, we focus on what is essential; our animals, pets that need food in the community and the safety of our volunteers and staff.
I am grateful that our building is still here to help animals in need because despite COVID, the calls are coming in. Six stray dogs arrived from Wasaga Beach last week and four cats were surrendered. We have attended to five life-threatening medical emergencies, not to mention the routine care that our shelter animals require.
I am grateful for our staff that have navigated enormous changes in a short period of time and done so with incredible professionalism. Our team has come together, in some cases at great personal cost, to be united for the animals.
I am grateful for our volunteers that, even from afar, are asking how they can support. Our volunteers are opening up their homes to foster animals, driving pet food to those in need and cheering us on, every step of the way.
I am grateful to our donors that throughout this time of uncertainty are remaining true to our cause. With the cancellation of our fundraising events and the economy at a standstill, more than ever before, each and every donation makes a difference. Words cannot express how thankful we are to you for ensuring that the animals that need us get the care and shelter that they need. You are truly making a difference.
Last but not least, like so many of you, I am grateful for my pets. Unconditional love from my dog, Kya and cat, Blinks, fills my heart and settles my nerves when the world seems topsy-turvy. Their companionship calms me, gives me strength and prepares me for what tomorrow will bring. Thank goodness for our pets!

The GTHS has 44 animals in our care at the moment and calls coming in daily. For those that have the ability to give, we need your help immediately. We have started an online campaign to help our organization weather this pandemic and prepare to meet an anticipated greater need from our community.

Thank you so much for your compassion and care.

With gratitude,

Sonya Reichel
Executive Director

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