A New Start For 3 Tiny Kittens

4 weeks ago, a community cat gave birth to 5 tiny kittens, and then was hit by a car in a terrible accident.  Their little kitten cries were heard from a couple who lived nearby who took the kittens into their home in an attempt to rescue them. As you can imagine, pediatric care is not simple and requires specific techniques and supplies for proper nutrition and development at this critical age.  Despite, the best efforts of their rescue, two of the kittens passed away.  With three kittens left, they called the GTHS for help. 
The team at the GTHS quickly responded with a plan.  The 3 kittens would need a lot of care and attention.  One of the team members, Lauren, volunteered to take the kittens home for foster care. 
Lauren arrived at home with the kittens and started training on bottle feeding.  Her curious five year old daughter, Em, became fascinated by the process and sat with her mom to watch and help. Em named the kittens, Sunshine, Cupcake and Butterfly.  It became her new mission to help the kittens thrive. With a lot of attention and love, Lauren and Em have brought the kittens along to get the hang of bottle feeding and eventually start to play with one another.  
Life for Sunshine, Cupcake and Butterfly is looking bright!  Fully tummies, lots of cuddles and love.  Thank you for making this possible, this is just one example of your work in the community for pets and people.

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