A message from Sally (the cat)


Hi Everybody at GTHS!   Well, it’s been a week and I thought I should check in and report on how Sandy (my adopter) and I are doing.   I think the feedback is important as you work so hard to match us up to good forever homes.

Sandy has proven to be the suck she appeared to be when we all first met her.   Admittedly, the first couple of days, she went through this sort of insane stage where she’d corner me and force syringes full of crap down my throat.    I nearly called the whole thing off then and there and was about to have you guys come and get me but the food was good and the furniture seems to be to my liking so….     anyway – she seems to be over that craziness and now we can concentrate on important things like arranging proper tasting menus from Global Pet Foods and proper lounging accommodations.

In a smaller bout of nuttiness a couple days after we left you, Sandy put me back in the carrier and a couple hours later we seemed to be at some other form of accommodation.    My preference was for the longer floor length windows at the other place and I will likely show my displeasure by generally hiding under the bed or tossing a hairball from time to time.    I did manage to express my individualism the second night by sleeping all day and then, once it was really dark and quiet randomly careening into Sandy’s bedroom, jumping on her back and then running back down the hall again.  Man, was that a good time.  I could tell Sandy enjoyed it too.   Especially the third and fourth times.  I’ve been very busy.

image005I’ve also been experimenting with my cuteness and monitoring its human manipulation factor. Sandy is a sadly easy target. I’ve found the pose below to be particularly effective. A few chin rubs, some head scratching and then I allow exactly one tummy stroke before I attempt to dig my teeth into her wrist and see how quickly she can free herself. Lol – that’s always fun. You’ll note in the photo my paws are not exactly as pristine as when you last saw me.  Apparently, the small room I attempted to hide in on Wednesday is actually called a fireplace.  There really should be some sort of orientation program or something.


So I just wanted to thank you for all your care and love while we waited for Sandy to come along.   It’s going to be good!

image008 image010



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