A journey to her happy ever after – thanks to you!

Remember these guys?


You’ve got it, this is Sylvia, Dave and Eddie. All in new and happy homes! Yay!

A big thank you goes out to all GTHS donors who were involved in taking care of the three pups who were here with us for over a month while they were treated and recovered from their illness and injuries.  Their journey to good health was completely provided by our donors. It’s thanks to their generosity that Sylvia, Dave and Eddie graduated to new and exciting lives!

We recently heard from Sylvia’s adopters, with a lovely little update.  Here’s how they are making out 🙂

“Her name is now Frankie. After careful consideration, it matched the spunky girl we brought home.

Frankie immediately became a family member. She has met all the important people in our lives and the neighbours adore and spoil her. She has met most of the dogs in the neighbourhood and has had a couple of playdates.

She loves playing in the yard, chasing balls, sticks and doing the zoomies! She is curious and hasn’t quite figured out the flying things that land in her yard. We have been exploring the local provincial and city parks through daily walks, which means she has adjusted to riding in the car.

She has adapted to city life and likes to sit in the front yard and watch the cars, people and dogs walk by.

Loud cars and noise still make her jump and she takes a bit to warm up to people.

She is a smart, sassy, adventurous, loving girl. We are so thankful that you trusted us to be Frankie’s forever home. The puppy you described and we met is not the puppy that lives with us now. She is a delight who needs to be around her people at all times and has built strong bonds with her family and our closest friends.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give and receive the love that Frankie has brought into our family.”

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