42 Animals Arrive at GTHS

This is, without a doubt, the most animals we have ever received at one time. Their arrival is the result of volunteers, donors, partners and animal lovers all coming together to make a difference.

As I write this, these animals are being unloaded from our rental van (thank you Home Depot for your generous support), vetted, triaged and set up. Our team of foster volunteers are on the standby to take home those that are vulnerable, ill or in need of extra care. Our medical team is ensuring everyone is healthy and ok after such a long and harrowing journey. We have ordered over $1000 worth of kitten supplies to ensure we have the milk, bottles and nutrition necessary to care for the infants that were added last minute to the journey.

The centre is a flurry of activity. There is intensity, focus and above all, teamwork. Everyone has been mobilized to help and our transporters, are tired, glad to be home and of course, concerned for their cargo.

Through it all, I happen to notice Hashbrown, pictured above. He is clearly stressed and in pain. I find out that he came from a loving family that had to surrender him when he got caught in a snare and suffered a terrible injury to his leg. Wanting the best for him, they made the tragic decision to get him the help that he needed. Repairing his leg is considered an emergency status and we have reached out to a local orthopedic veterinarian for an emergency amputation on Friday.

Today, 42 animals need your help. Please consider making a donation. Every dollar counts and it counts NOW.

We will keep you posted on Hashbrown and the other 41 loving souls that have been entrusted to our care.



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