2023 Impact Report – Executive Director’s Welcome

In 2023, our organization faced challenges but emerged stronger, sustained by our resilience, resourcefulness, and relevance. Despite the hurdles, and thanks to our generous donors, our accomplishments shone brightly, reflecting our commitment to our mission of providing innovative programs and compassionate services that support the well-being of pets and people. We seized new opportunities across various programs, leveraging community partnerships to bolster our Adoptions Program and expanding youth offerings that gave hundreds of young people the opportunity to learn about the human-animal bond and how to be more compassionate and open-minded. Our PAWS Program, in collaboration with the Office of the Solicitor General, provided a soft spot for animals involved in legal proceedings to land.

Throughout the year, we facilitated transfers of animals from the north and other humane societies, ensuring their well-being and addressing overcrowding. Our fundraising efforts thrived, despite economic challenges, enabling us to sustain operations and progress on our capital campaign. Amidst rising costs and housing insecurity, we encountered an influx of abandoned animals and behavioral cases, stretching our resources thin. Nonetheless, we were successful in providing more wellness clinics, more spay/neuter surgeries, and more outreach services than any year previous, showing our commitment to supporting those in need.

As your new Executive Director, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our donors and community partners, old and new, for your unwavering support. With a dedicated and fearless team of directors, staff and volunteers, we are poised to continue expanding our services, social enterprise, and online presence, ensuring comprehensive care for pets and people in our communities.

To our tireless volunteers and staff, who navigate emotional highs and lows with unwavering dedication, I offer my deepest appreciation. Your efforts are the cornerstone of our success.

Looking ahead to 2024, I anticipate further opportunities for growth and impact in animal welfare. While new challenges undoubtedly lie ahead, we are prepared to meet them head-on. The past year marked a personal transition for me, reinforcing my lifelong commitment to our community’s well-being. Embracing risk, we continue to confront systemic challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, presenting even greater instances of mental health in our youth, an inability for many pet parents to afford basic vet care and pet food, and supporters struggling to give as much as they have in the past for causes they feel viscerally in their hearts.  These tumultuous times allow us opportunities to embrace new ways of working, new ideas for adoption and outreach support and new foundations upon which we can build a brighter future in a new home that will quadruple the number of animals we can save.

Our vision for 2024 remains unwavering: to continue making a positive impact through unparalleled services and innovative solutions to help those who trust us enough to seek our assistance. As we progress towards our new Regional Centre for Pets and People, we remain resolute in our mission, propelled by renewed positivity and confidence.

In the face of adversity, we stand firm, poised to realize our vision of a brighter future for pets and people alike. Together, we forge ahead, united in our commitment to compassionate care and unwavering dedication.

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