Adoption Update: Scamp & Sirius

Here’s a Happy Tail from GTHS alumni: SCAMP & SIRIUS

As some of you may know, black cats and dogs in the shelter have the lowest adoption rate (though we cannot understand why, because they are AWESOME!!). Well these brothers, SCAMP & SIRIUS were two of the absolute sweetest kittens ever. No matter how cuddley they were and how much they purrred when visitors came, we just could not find homes for these beautiful boys.

After nearly 2 months of being with us at GTHS (which is a VERY long stay for a kitten!), SCAMP and SIRIUS finally found who they had been waiting for. The purrrfect family came along and decided to not only open their hearts and home to one, but both of these very deserving, overlooked boys!!

“Hey GTHS!
The two boys are doing amazing! We have kept their names the same I’ve had to get them collars to tell them apart haha! They have both been loving being able to roam around the house and have fit in amazing with our dog and cat. They’re both eating well and getting lots of snuggles! They’re definitely entertaining and actually caught a bat in our house early this week!
We’re so happy they’re apart of the family!
Thank you so much”

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