Happy 10 Years to David Garner

Board of Directors_David (2)
David Garner at the 2023 GTHS Annual General Meeting.

A warm congratulations to all of our 10-year Anniversary celebrants, who were recognized at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

David Garner is one of these individuals, and celebrated his 10-year anniversary in January. We caught up with David to learn a little more about his time with the organization, what he’s seen over the past ten years and what he looks forward to most for the GTHS in the future…

Congratulations, David on your 10-year anniversary with the GTHS. What inspired you to get involved as a Board member?

Thank you! I can only remember one year of my life when I haven’t had a dog. I have always had a soft spot for pets and it seemed natural to support an organization that was devoted to finding forever homes for pets in need. My first involvement with the GTHS, through the encouragement of friends, was a donation to the campaign during the time when our current building was being erected. Gradually, over the years, I gained first hand knowledge of the tremendous work being done at the shelter and the enjoyment our friends were deriving from their involvement.

Over time the GTHS was maturing into a robust organization and changes to how we operated were appropriate. One of those changes was to shift the Board’s role from operational to one of oversight and stewardship. I had some experience with this in my career and I was asked if I would join the board to assist with this shift.

Ever since then I have been amazed at how we have evolved to the organization we are today. On virtually every front we have grown to provide more services to more pets than we might have imagined.

This work is not finished and with our soon to be built “Regional Center for People and Pets” we will continue to grow and service our communities to even greater levels.

I was inspired in the beginning and continue to be so by what has been accomplished and am very proud to have had the opportunity to work with our staff and volunteers and have a very small role in this wonderful story.

What are you most excited about as you think about the future of the GTHS? 

Our new facility will be one of the most exciting things for all of us over the next few years. Having said that, I believe what we do with the centre beyond its creation will be where the real value lies. Our community is growing, and there will be an unmet need for the foreseeable future. We can, however, make a difference, and our new home will be key in delivering on that promise.

What is one thing you would like to say to staff and volunteers that continue to support the GTHS?

First and most importantly….THANK YOU!

Our position today isn’t an accident. It took all of you to make it happen. Let’s continue to honor our past, celebrate our accomplishments of today and devote ourselves to the future. Our community is counting on us!

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