10 Reasons to Become a Monthly PAW Donor Today!

The GTHS just got 10 new reasons to become a Monthly PAW Donor. Meet Annie and her 10 beautiful puppies. This litter arrived at the Animal Centre earlier this week for their spay and neuter surgeries after spending six weeks in the care of our GTHS Foster volunteers. They are now available for adoption!


Monthly Donors through our PAW (Pre-authorized Withdrawal) Program provide essential care and resources to pets like Annie and her pups. Whatever brings these amazing pets to the GTHS, the funds raised through the PAW Monthly Donor Program equips staff and volunteers for day-to-day needs. Monthly donors ensure we have a reliable stream of revenue to support our lifesaving work. If that is not reason enough to become a donor, when you join the program from now until August 30th your donation will be doubled by our generous Matching Gift Donor RBC Wealth Management, for up to a value of $2,500!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to become a PAW Monthly Donor Today:

REASON 1: PAW Monthly Donations help provide Rabies Vaccines.
The GTHS provides 1,350 rabies vaccinations each year to help keep pets healthy.  Thanks to our generous PAW donors, pets like Gouda and his siblings will all be able to receive rabies vaccinations before they go to their new homes.

REASON 2: PAW Monthly Donations help fund spay/ neuter surgeries.
The GTHS Animal Hospital is one of the only accessible spay/neuter hospitals serving Bruce, Grey and part of Simcoe County, performing 3,000 surgeries annually. This week Velveeta and her siblings were among dozens of pets who received spay and neuter surgeries thanks to support from our PAW Monthly Donor program.

REASON 3: PAW Monthly Donations help provide essential supplies and training for our foster volunteers.
Foster volunteers cared for 925 pets in 2022. Thanks to our PAW donors, our fosters receive the training and supplies needed to care for pets like Swiss and her siblings, who were born via c-section, nurtured by their mama in a home environment until they are old enough to be adopted.

REASON 4: PAW Monthly Donations help provide Flea and Tick Treatments.
Want to be the ultimate superhero for the GTHS? Together we can raise funds to provide flea and tick treatments for ALL our fur babies, just like Havarti.

REASON 5: PAW Monthly Donations help support daily needs at the Animal Centre.
Every month, the GTHS goes through an average of 273 buckets of mop water, 1,300 rubber gloves and 180 rolls of paper towel. All of these supplies are needed to maintain the Animal Centre and to keep pets like Philly comfortable while they get ready to find their forever homes.

REASON 6: PAW Monthly Donations help keep pets healthy and active.
GTHS volunteers take our pups on an average of 660 walks per month when kennels are full. That is 330 hours of walking! PAW donations ensure pets like Feta receive the exercise and enrichment they need for happy and healthy development.

REASON 7: PAW Monthly Donations Keep Bellies Full.
For as little as $5/month you can provide food for a pet in our care. A small regular donation can have a big impact over time.

REASON 8: PAW Monthly Donations help acquire Supplies and Essentials.
The GTHS goes through over 660 doggy bags in just one month. That’s a lot of scooping. The costs add up but it’s thanks to our monthly PAW donors for keeping pets like Cheddar regular. You too can become a PAW donor today and provide regular and ongoing support for pets in our care.

REASON 9: PAW Monthly Donations Support Adoption Services.
The GTHS supports an average of 100 adoptions every month at the Animal Centre. With new pets arriving daily, care is needed around the clock. For pets like Brie, one of TEN puppies in her litter, the needs are multiplied. You can multiply the impact of your donation by becoming a PAW donor today during our matching gift campaign! 

REASON 10: PAW Monthly Donations Support Daily Operations.
The GTHS completes over 182 loads of laundry every single month. That’s a lot of folding! But who wouldn’t want to wrap little Asiago up in a fresh towel after a warm bath? By becoming a monthly PAW donor, you can help make sure Asi is taken care of while waiting for adoption.

Keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly at the GTHS is no small feat.  We extend our deepest thanks to our existing Monthly PAW Donors, as we would not be able to serve our community, or furry friends who need our support, without you. 

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Monthly PAW Donor, click here to join. Remember, now is the time to join the PAW Family as your donation will be doubled from now until August 30th, up to a value of $2,500, thanks to our generous Matching Gift Donor!

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