Animals For Adoption



Thank you for choosing adoption with the GTHS. We are very excited to find you a new pet. Adopters are now welcome back onsite from 12- 4 PM, seven days a week, for in-person adoptions with our Adoptions Counselors. We encourage visitors to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before closing time to ensure that we can send you home with a new furry friend on the same day.


About Adopter’s Welcome: by embracing this ‘Adoption Through Conversation’ approach, we are hoping to make adopting easier for our community by removing barriers and ultimately allowing us to home more animals. This will not only help shape a more positive culture within our organization, but most importantly, it will help to save even more lives of homeless cats and dogs.

Adopter’s Welcome does not mean that the GTHS is loosening our adoption process but will instead work with adopters through non-judgmental conversations to best match person and pet in a cooperative and collaborative manner. Our Adoption Conversations are meant to help us get an idea of what kind of pet you are looking to bring home and our experienced Adoption Counselors will share health, behaviour and insights with you. Our goal is to find our animals wonderful, loving families, so we want to ensure that it is the right fit for both parties! If the animal you “applied” for doesn’t end up being the right fit, our Adoption Team will always try our best to point you in the direction of a more suitable cat or dog!

Thank you to our wonderful Adoption Partner:


What are the steps to adopting?

1. Please visit the ‘Adoptables’ page of our website!
Visit our website and take a peek at our cats and dogs currently available for adoption! This page is updated in live time, so will always accurately reflect animals that are available from day to day (once an animal is adopted, they are immediately removed from our website).

We strongly recommend you pop onto our website right before your visit to ensure you are getting the most accurate information possible!

2. Find a Furry Friend:
Once you have viewed our Available cats or dogs and have found an animal(s) that you think might be a good fit for you and vice versa (noting that some of our GTHS animals have specific requirements and/or restrictions), head on over to the Animal Center!

Before you come see us, please know: we are all very excited to reintroduce walk-in adoptions, but GTHS continues to be mindful of the number of adopters in the building at any given time. For now, we can welcome a maximum of 4 people to be involved per adoption in either of our Cat Adoption Rooms or outside in our x-pen for Dog Adoptions (for inclement weather, Dog Adoptions will be facilitated inside with a max of 2 people).  Should you arrive at the Animal Center and our Adoption Counselors are currently busy with another adopter, we hope you will stick around! Our Front Desk Team is happy to provide an approximate wait time and one of our Adoption Counselors will assist you as soon as they’re able!

3. Application and Interview Conversation:

In effort to make your experience and adoption as seamless as possible, we ask all adopters to please come in with a completed Adoption Profile (aka application). You can find our DOG adoption profile here and our CAT adoption profile here.
If you are unable to bring in a completed adoption profile, we will help you complete one as soon as you arrive.

(for BARN CAT adoption, please find the application here).

Upon arrival, a member of our Adoption Team will review your adoption profile with you and speak to you about the animal(s) you are interested in and/or perhaps make some alternate suggestions as well!


  • If a successful match has been made during your time at the Animal Center, please prepare to take your new pet home same day.
  • ALL adopted cats must be transported home in a secure cat carrier and ALL adopted dogs must leave collared and leashed.
  • For Dog Adoption, if you have a resident dog at home already, please arrange to bring your pooch with you to the Animal Center so that he/she can meet the GTHS dog you’re interested in adopting!
  • Although GTHS is open until 4pm every day, please keep in mind that our adoptions require a minimum of 30 minutes to complete, so we kindly ask you plan your visit accordingly.
  • Unfortunately, we’re not quite open to visitors just yet, only adopters, but are hopeful this will change soon. Please feel free to call us again soon to check in on the status of our Main Cat Room!

If you have a question that is not answered in the information above, please contact for assistance.

Adoption Fees


As we begin another exciting year of adoption at GTHS, we’d like to share a few small changes with our adopters and community. In our continued efforts to always provide the very best care for our animals, we have made some small increases to the adoption fees for our Northern Transfer dogs and puppies for 2022. This minor increase in adoption fees for Northern dogs allows GTHS to provide specific medical care for those animals who come to us from other parts of the province and will help further ensure successful adoptions of happy, healthy dogs.

Adult (7 months – 7 years) *local* – $400.00
Adult (7 months – 7 years) *transfer* – $450.00
Puppy (up to and including 6 months) *local* – $550.00
Puppy (up to and including 6 months) *transfer* – $600.00
Senior (ages 8+) *local and transfer* – $250.00

Overlooked – $100.00
Underdog – $100.00
Special Paws – $100.00

Adult (5 months – 7 years) – $125.00
Kitten (up to and including 4 months) – $150.00
Senior (ages 8+) – $75.00

Overlooked – $25.00
Underdog – $25.00
Special Paws – $25.00
Barn Cats – By Donation

Included In Your Adoption

Included in your adoption fee:

  1. Animal Care items:
    • Microchip
    • Spay/neuter
    • Flea and Worm Treatment
    • Up-to-date vaccinations (for kittens and puppies, their first vaccination)
  2. Adoption Folder with your pet’s records and important adoption information
  3. Adoption Kit from Royal Canin, including a $10 coupon as well as sample bag of kibble (and small canned food for cats and kittens)
  4. An engraved, personalized collar tag for puppies and dogs
  5. Support from the GTHS team should you have any questions about your pet following adoption!

Why Mixed Breeds you might ask?

Well, we never 100% know breed history of the dogs that come into our care. Unless we have the paperwork to support breed identification, we try not to guess dog breeds, as most often our dogs are numerous breeds mixed together. Help us move away from breed stereotypes and embrace our purebred mutts!